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Lenders Portfolio

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This web site is designed as a research tool specifically for investors to locate prospects IN MICHIGAN ONLY for business purposes. It is available to anyone. This site contains judicial pre-foreclosure data only because they offer the best prospects for your success. There are no VA or HUD REO properties here.

Data contained herein are for your exclusive use(see terms of service). Failure to follow any of these terms will result in suspension of services and loss of any remaining payment value. Database access is paid-in-advance only.

Records listed in the database are properties that are or might be in the foreclosure process. By its very nature, some of this information may be outdated or unusable since some homeowners redeem their property or give up rights early. However, the targeted nature of this information makes your prospect for locating customers needing your services much greater. Before you can begin, you must registerand pay for access.

Why use Lenders Portfolio

0 Pre-Foreclosure Records
  • Continuous data entry
  • Not clouded by VA and FHA REO entries
  • Research tools include ratio comparisons of SEV to TV and other sorting tools
  • Active Market Update for meaningful CMAs

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